Thank you, Cloudee.

For showing me the true meaning of love and courage.
Even in the final days of your life.
You held on so strong. So strong.
Stronger than any man can, you little thing.
And I'm glad you made it into her arms that night.

We'll miss you lots, you brave little furball.
Every birthday. Every Mooncake festival. Every Chinese New Year.
So rest in peace now, sunflower!


Cloudee was my aunt's dearest baby. Faithful, loyal and ever so friendly, she was easily one of the most loved members of the family. It came as a huge shock to us when she got ran over by a car - a day after my aunt left for Phuket. Severely injured, Cloudee was immediately sent to the vet. In critical condition, she battled hard and strong for a good few days to catch a final glimpse of my aunt, who returned a few days later. Cloudee died in her arms that very day.

"Our beloved pets often greet us on the other side. Love is eternal and exists in all species. We are always being reunited with them."

- Dr Brian Weiss

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