The Clash of the Titans.

Here’s a truth for you.

Everyone loves a good battle. A showdown between two prodigious names, locked in an intense battle for supremacy.

Take the Champions League final that took place last weekend, for example. Watched by a worldwide audience of approximately 300 million people, the stage was all set for what many deemed to be an epic clash between two of the biggest and snazziest teams in the whole of Europe.

The final score after 90 excruciatingly long minutes?
Barcelona 3 –1 Manchester United

And it was clear why the formidable Spanish outfit emerged victorious.

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This is only a short excerpt from an old article I wrote for The Bullet. To get the full branding lesson from Barcelona, read the entire write-up here!


Bottles & Jars of Heaven

I admit. I am a total sucker when it comes to beauty products. Specifically, those that look pretty - and smell even better. I may dress like a total sleazebag, but I really want to smell good. (No this is NOT an issue! Pfft!) And perfumes just don't do it for me. I find that they smell awfully artificial.

Which is why I am such a big fan of Burt's Bees. They've got a wide range of body lotions and body butter that can make you smell like anything from butterscotch to honey. Mmm, food for the skin. Yummy! For something more floral, I'd go for L'Occitane.

See that stash of perfume samples? Suki's mum collects them.

Also, I recently came across a range of skincare products by ACCA KAPPA. Lovely brand, I must say. I am a big fan of their Cleansing Milk. Gentle and unassuming, this cleanser will do a fine job. But if there's one product you ought to try - it's their Exfoliating Facial Scrub. It's an absolute god-sent! The fine grains in this scrub makes for a very thorough exfoliation - all without being too abrasive on the skin. Perfect for those seeking for a more natural alternative from the lather-based, highly-scented scrubs.

And then, there's my new favourite - Aēsop's Camellia Nut Facial Hydrating Cream. What I love about this moisturiser is it's unusually matte finish, as compared to other cream-based solutions. It also smells like heaven. Trust me, this baby here will make you WANT to wash your face even more often, so you can smell nice and fresh.

But when it comes to heavy-duty, full-body moisturising abilities - there's only one brand, and one specific product I turn to. Good ol' Rosken Dry Skin Cream. No other brand locks in moisture like my buddy here.

Highly recommended if you suffer from dry skin conditions such as ichthyosis. I've been using it since I was 13, and it has dramatically improved my ichthyosis, transforming what once were raw and bloody cracks into fine lines. Handy tip: Apply it RIGHT after toweling dry from shower. It'll keep your skin supple and smooth for hours!

Currently in search of a good sunscreen. Any recommendations?


Major Pet Peeves

#1 Air fresheners.
I absolutely abhor air fresheners. Most just make me really nauseous, but some - oh, some are so pungent, I can taste them on my tongue! Ptuit, ptuit! I guess it would make sense to install them in cars to mask the lingering stench of cigarettes and sweat, but mine smells just fine, so no thank you.

#2 Stray roach legs.

These spindly things are disgusting, and they usually appear in the WEIRDEST of places. At the base of whiteboards, on top of some old encyclopedia that's never been dusted for years and even inside my pencil holders! I wonder what goes through a roach's mind when it loses its leg. "Oh well, life will still have to go on without you" and scamper on? Can't they at least pick it up and take it with them? (Come on, everyone has to play their role in making the world a cleaner place!)

#3 "I've Never Been to Me" by Charlene.
Hand me the bucket. Now. Major projectile during the spoken bridge.

#4 Flying cigarettes.
Unless you're freaking Audrey Hepburn, prancing around with a theatre-length quellazaire, I don't see why anyone should wave their cigarettes up in the air like wand. Please keep your cancer sticks down, or you might just poke someone's eye out.

#5 Product taggers.

Do I look anything like a leggy Korean model to you? Or a freaking piece of red velvet cake? Really, people. All this Facebook tagging nonsense has got to stop. Find more considerate (and morally legit) means to advertise your product.

And I can still go on forever. But I'm tired. And I need sleep. Haha.

Meanwhile, tell me - what are YOUR pet peeves?

The Rise of an Antihero

Finally got around to watching "X-Men: First Class".

I'd love to go down the less commercial road and blog about "Super 8" instead, but the handful of talented child actors aside, I can't really recall much about that flick. There were too many scenes with nothing happening in them. A little underwhelming for Spielberg-standards. Don't let that deter you from watching it though, it's still pretty decent, especially if you love explosive train-wrecks.

Anyway, back to "X-Men: First Class". It was brilliant. A charming movie with a charming cast, packed to the brim with some super dope action scenes. So much so, I'd put it right up there with J.J. Abram's remake of "Star Trek". It's fresh, it's emotionally gripping and will definitely appeal to the masses - not just to fans of the Marvel franchise.

And did you guys see how Magneto totally ripped that ship to shreds?

Fucking hell. I'm definitely buying the DVD once it's released, just so I can replay that scene again and again. Hats off to Michael Fassbender for that jaw-dropping performance. For every heart-thumping action sequence, every pant, every tear, every pulsating vein, and every slight tremble of the wrists. There's a new (okay, fine not THAT new) antihero in town, pained past and all, and with shit loads of badassery to boot.

Yes, I was that impressed. Even more so since he totally outperformed James McAvoy, a brilliant actor who's never failed to deliver.

Rating: 9.0/10 (Docking off 1.0 for tactless highlight of Darwin during the mention of the word "enslave".)

But bonus points for the cameos. Those were class.

PS, I also confess that my high regard for Michael Fassbender has something to do with the fact that he's a creepy combination of both Xabi Alonso and Christopher Plummer, noted during "Inglorious Basterds", where his unfortunate character got shot in the balls for fucking up some drink order.

Who's Our Daddy, You Ask?

He was a legendary advertising executive whose creativity and original thinking brought tremendous transformation to Madison Avenue in the 1960s’ and 1970s’.

The son of a classics scholar and a financial broker, who powered the belief that an ad man should be the product of many influences. (He was a chef, a researcher, a farmer and a door-to-door salesman who sold cooking stoves!)

An extraordinary individual who, during a time when visual and artistry flair took precedence, had the balls to introduce science into his craft.

A man whose first advertising effort depicted a naked woman. And as embarrassed as he was with the attempt, still acknowledged that such non-traditional approaches do have their place in advertising.

The very man who introduced the concept of brand image to advertising.

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This is only a short excerpt from my Father's Day-themed article for The Bullet. Read the full write-up here!