Taking on an Urban Retreat

I love spas. Massages, especially! Given the chance, I'd review them as a full-time job. (Yeah, fat chance.) Spas grow like mushrooms in the city, but not many actually knock on your door, and play the proactive role of reaching out to those who could really use a good massage or two.

Well, trust me when I say that Urban Retreat Spa is different. The folks at Urban Retreat actually set out to engage their customers through social media, inviting them to experience their services first-hand. Nothing new, but unlike most brands who try - Urban Retreat Spa's efforts come highly commended.

And just two weeks ago, I got myself a surprise invitation via Twitter. (Follow them at @urbanretreatmy!) It couldn't have been any more timely, what with my return to work after recovering from Bell's Palsy.

So, the date was set, and I was more than ready to take on the Pampering Renewal Treatment.

Upon arrival at Urban Retreat Spa, The Curve, I was greeted by a friendly therapist who treated me to a delightful footsoak in a tub of rose-scented water. With the hypnotic aroma of ginger and lemongrass wafting through the premises - I couldn't help but feel a tremendous sense of ease working its way up my body. It's just one of those simple gestures that would calm even the most strung-up of individuals, you know?

Once rinsed clean and patted dry, I was led to a gently lit room where my treatment would take place.

Customary to most full-body treatments, I was required to disrobe into a paper thong and towel. (Thank goodness for experience.) The room was air-conditioned, which got me worried, but to my surprise - the bed was actually heated! How cool is that? You may think that it's nothing to get excited about, but I found this gesture to be absolutely wonderful because hey, the thought of patrons freezing naked, mid-therapy has never occurred to the previous spas I've visited before this! What a welcoming change indeed.

So, as I lay comfortably on my warm and toasty bed, my masseuse proceeded to start the treatment with a gentle full-body massage. Nothing painful, just something general and weight-oriented to stretch out the limbs. This was shortly followed by a full-body scrub which utilises the magical purifying properties of Balinese Coffee. I must point out that this was the most thorough scrub I've ever experienced - so much so that it felt like a good massage on its own. Each part of the body was given its fair share of attention - no hastiness, no rush. None at all.


After a good rinse in the shower, I was gestured back to the bed for my favourite means of relaxation, ever. A massage!

And allow me to say this - my masseuse had thumbs that can kill! As I was lying face down, I imagined that she would look somewhat like Horst (of course she didn't, but it was an amusing thought anyway). What I appreciated most was the fact that it wasn't a choreographed routine. She took the effort to identify my many stress knots, and made very sure that not a single one of them was spared. Very painful, but so damn good.

After it was all over, I was escorted out to the waiting area, where a cup of steaming hot ginger tea came my way. Always a pleasant way to cap off a massage, that beverage. :) This gave me the chance to look through the list of treatments available at Urban Retreat Spa - and guess what? They even categorised some by how hard the massages are! (Sports, being the most painful one it seems).

All in all, a rejuvenating experience. Glad I could share it with all of you. Thanks, Urban Retreat Spa!


Urban Retreat Spa
The Curve Shopping Mall : 03 - 7710 3239
1 Mont Kiara Mall : 012- 617 9509

For more information, catch them at www.urbanretreat-spa.com or Facebook.

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