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Just the other day, I was stuck a good three hours ahead of a football game at the national stadium. And like any starving Malaysian would, I got myself a Ramly burger from the many stalls set up.

I couldn't wait to sink my teeth into a juicy and succulent patty, wedged in between two lightly buttered and toasted buns, with a good crunch of shredded lettuce and onions, topped with a generous dose of chili and mayo (oh, the product romance!).

And so, I hastily unwrapped it from its trademark wrapper, and took a good bite out of it.

Only to discover.... read more


This is only a short excerpt from my latest article for The Bullet, inspired by my very first encounter with nasty stadium food. Read the full write-up here!

I'm however glad to report the finding of a genuine Ramly burger stall on a more recent trip to Bukit Jalil. Hip-hip hooray to little discoveries!

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