Major Pet Peeves

#1 Air fresheners.
I absolutely abhor air fresheners. Most just make me really nauseous, but some - oh, some are so pungent, I can taste them on my tongue! Ptuit, ptuit! I guess it would make sense to install them in cars to mask the lingering stench of cigarettes and sweat, but mine smells just fine, so no thank you.

#2 Stray roach legs.

These spindly things are disgusting, and they usually appear in the WEIRDEST of places. At the base of whiteboards, on top of some old encyclopedia that's never been dusted for years and even inside my pencil holders! I wonder what goes through a roach's mind when it loses its leg. "Oh well, life will still have to go on without you" and scamper on? Can't they at least pick it up and take it with them? (Come on, everyone has to play their role in making the world a cleaner place!)

#3 "I've Never Been to Me" by Charlene.
Hand me the bucket. Now. Major projectile during the spoken bridge.

#4 Flying cigarettes.
Unless you're freaking Audrey Hepburn, prancing around with a theatre-length quellazaire, I don't see why anyone should wave their cigarettes up in the air like wand. Please keep your cancer sticks down, or you might just poke someone's eye out.

#5 Product taggers.

Do I look anything like a leggy Korean model to you? Or a freaking piece of red velvet cake? Really, people. All this Facebook tagging nonsense has got to stop. Find more considerate (and morally legit) means to advertise your product.

And I can still go on forever. But I'm tired. And I need sleep. Haha.

Meanwhile, tell me - what are YOUR pet peeves?

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